Friday, October 12, 2007

What I Learned Today

Now that I am a Coloradoan, I decided I better start living like one. So, I have done a little hiking, I am getting ready for ski season, and today, I decided to go mountain biking in Palmer Park. The park is great because they mark trails well. They even tell you if they are green (beginner), blue (intermediate), or black (advanced), just like ski runs. I have been mountain biking before, but I am not sure the trails out at Chuluota, Florida really qualify. It is kind of hard to go mountain biking if there are no mountains. So, I decided to do a green trail. Next time, I will be looking for the bunny slope. It was an educational experience. Here is what I learned:

1. The fool says in his heart that there is no God and that bike helmets are for dorks.

2. Middle age + out of shape + high altitude = lots of heavy breathing.

3. If you are from Florida but now live in Colorado, there is no such thing as a small hill.

4. A corollary to the above: just because it doesn't look like a hill doesn't mean it is not a hill.

5. Little boulders can be big problems.

6. Going downhill is more fun than going uphill.

7. If you are going fast down a hill and you are on a dirt trail, just because you have good tires, that does not mean you can turn.

8. My back hurts.

By the way, the Colorado Springs Gazette now has a great website with a guide and map for all sorts of hiking and biking trails in the region. I put it in my links to the left. The site is Colorado Springs Outdoors. Check it out.