Friday, February 22, 2008

Respectable Sins

Village Seven is blessed with a number of well-established authors. One of whom is Jerry Bridges. I just finished his book Respectable Sins and I am trying to find the right word to describe it. I think convicting sums it up best.

I used to have a very shallow view of my own sinfulness. I would confess sins such as lust or driving too fast or other obvious things and never see the real sins of my heart. It was my experience with Sonship and my readings of men like Bridges, Chappell, and Keller that began to expose the depth of my sin more and more. I find it rather ironic that many people think Sonship (a discipleship program by World Harvest Mission) is antinomian. My experience was just the opposite.

In Respectable Sins, Mr. Bridges takes the reader on a guided tour of the sinful recesses of the human heart. He shows us all the places we tolerate sin. It is a painful tour. Throughout the book, Mr. Bridges uses God's grace as both the agent to expose sin and as the cure for sin. The book is thoroughly gospel-centered from beginning to end.

I would recommend reading the book slowly. He exposes so many different sins of the heart that it can be truly overwhelming to look at them all at once. Also, is a good book for group study--if you are in a group that can be honest with one another.

For me, the most convicting chapter was the one on the first sin he exposes - ungodliness. We usually define ungodliness as vile activity or atheism. However, Mr. Bridges defines it as "living one's everyday life withlittle or no thought of God, or of God's will, or of God's glory, or of one's dependence on God." This sin of ungodliness is subtle and results in all sorts of other sins. Think of how much of your day you spend not thinking about God at all? That is ungodliness. How our lives (my life) would be transformed if I did all my work/family/leisure to the glory of God.

I recommend this book whole-heartedly--not as a good, informative read--but as a good MRI of the heart.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

* That was a great Super Bowl. I didn't really care who won, but I was glad to see Eli do so well after all the grief he has taken.

* I think I would rather have played on the Dolphins (1-15) this year than the Patriots (18-1). Being that close to perfection and losing it in the final game will hurt far worse than not having played in the Super Bowl at all.

* My favorite commercial was the Bridgestone commercial with the squirrell. Second favorite was the E-Trade commercial with the baby talking about spending his extra coin to hire a clown. I agree with the kid--clowns are creepy.

* We are expecting a snow storm tonight. Two days ago, they said that there would be a 10% chance of snow today. I would hate to be a meteorologist in Colorado. It seems they are never right. In Florida, you can see a hurricane brewing off the coast of Africa. Here, you can't see a snow storm coming over the mountains.

* Ever since my move to Colorado, my reading has been extremely limited. That is about to change (Lord willing and the creek don't rise).

*Village Seven is full of gifted authors and teachers. A few of them have given me their books and I am excited about reading them (really). One that I got today is Nabeel Jabbour's The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross. The subtitle is "Insights from an Arab Christian." Timely. Nabeel has taken some time to explain the Muslim worldview to me already (and promises to share more in the future). I am sure this book will be a worthwhile read. I will try to post something here when I finish it.

* Tomorrow night, I will go to my first caucus. I have always lived in a state that holds primaries rather than caucuses. Colorado does both. This should be interesting.