Thursday, November 1, 2007

Better than Panera

For years, Panera has been my second office. The combination of comfortable seats, light classical music, free wi-fi, cinnamon crunch bagels, and an endless supply of coffee have kept me coming back for years. Today, I found something better--the East Library on Union. The library sits on top of a hill (6600 feet). The west side of the library is a curved wall of windows, giving you a panoramic view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range. It is spectacular. It even has a coffee bar and free wireless. While they don't give free refills and there are no cinnamon crunch bagels, the view makes up for it. If I can get a decent picture, I will post it here.

Another Colorado experience -- A few weeks ago, I went hiking in Waldo Canyon with some friends. It was seven miles of beautiful scenery and great conversation. I thought I was doing pretty good to make the hike when this girl went running past. She was running the trail I was hiking. What is worse, when we neared the end of the hike, she was running back for lap two. Embarrassing.

Last week, I had several great Colorado experiences. A couple of days, Tricia and I got up early and went on hikes in Palmer Park before the girls went to school. Then, some guys in the church took me fly fishing. I had never done it before. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. The idea of standing in ice cold glacier water while the air temperature is cold enough to kill an Orange grove, and throwing some bug on a string into the water didn't sound all that great. So, I took a vacation day on Wednesday and we headed up to "The Dream Stream", just above the 11 Mile Resevoir. Despite my initial hesitation, I soon discovered it was a blast. I didn't catch anything, but standing there in a stream on a sunny day, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains was a real treat. The fellowship was great as well. As far as being cold goes, even though it was in the high teens when we started, I never got cold. As a friend on the Search Committee told me before we moved, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." That really is true. If you are properly dressed and the sun is shining, it is a beautiful day.

Then, on Friday, my regular day off, Tricia was busy all day. So, I drove up to Copper Mountain just to check things out for our family trip in December. I spent the morning skiing. Even though they haven't had much snow and only had a couple of Blue runs open, it was wonderful. The drive up there was worth the trip.


karin said...

Why is it that getting up early before the girls go to school in Orlando is going on a walk, but getting up early before the girls go to school in Colorado is going on a hike?

Mark Bates said...

Karin - The main reason is that a walk sounds whimpy and a hike sounds manly.
The other reason is that the trails in Palmer Park are not like walking the paved trails of Waterford or Blanchard Park. It is a dirty, rocky trail up into the bluffs. Come out for a visit and we will be glad to show you!
BTW - congratulations - you are in for a real adventure!

Christina said...

So you saw me running the trail, did you?! Haha! Joking!

After college and being jobless, I would hide out there to avoid facing the reality of being a grown-up. I still don't feel comfortable in there.

michael said...

After moving to Sacramento from Orlando, I realized that I am much less affected by temperature now that it's not accompanied by the intense Florida humidity.

Water conducts heat something like 8x more effectively than air. Sure, humidity isn't quite like swimming in a cold pool, but I think it still pulls your body heat away much quicker.

So during the winter I have found that I can wear short sleeves and be comfortable (maybe with an undershirt too), because the air is so wonderfully dry here!