Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Abortion and the Presidency

I have just a few blogs that pop up on my blog reader. Even then, I don't get to read them all. However, one that always has interesting posts is Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds. I encourage you to read his most recent post on why Senator Obama is not just Pro-Choice but is actually Pro-Abortion. I think any Christian should consider these issues long and hard before voting for Senator Obama.


Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

I appreciate the point, and Obama's views on abortion make me shutter.

However, since the Dems will likely own the House and White House after this election, the GOP will still have close to half in the Senate. Hence, as much as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid** might want to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, I can't see how it could possibly pass the Senate. That's not to say, of course, that less comprehensive measures might not make it as riders on some other bill (e.g., cutting off federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers).

Hence, while I don't endorse Obama, I am with Lee Irons and Stuart Taylor on abortion not being a top priority in our election calculus this time around. It should have weight, but it must be weighted appropriately by examining the probable outcomes. (Yes, that's political pragmatism, but we're all pragmatists here at some level -- otherwise we'd be voting for a third party!)

**I think the divided government argument is McCain's best tactic (n.b., not a strategy) for persuading undecideds -- if he hasn't ruined his chances with them by his recent stumbles. I'm glad to see that he's beginning to make this argument, finally.

Xavier Pacheco said...


Thanks for posting this. I've included it in my blog as well (along with a personal opinion on the matter).