Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marriage Resources

Last Sunday (January 14, 2009), Bryan Counts preached on Genesis 2:18-25, the creation of Eve and the first marriage. I will be preaching on this same passage for the next two weeks. My prayer is that this will provoke many to think about their marriage from a gospel perspective. There are many good books on this topic, but here are just a few that I would recommend:

The Marriage Prayer by Pat Morley and David Delk. The idea behind this little book is that you pray this prayer for fourteen days and see how God begins to work. It is not a mantra or magical incantation. Rather, it is a challenge to pray biblically about your marriage. The book is full of real life stories and practical ideas. I know both of the authors, their wives, and kids. I also know many of the people in the book. You will find it helpful.

Your Marriage Masterpiece by Al Janssen. Al and Jo are members of Village Seven and serve as leaders in the Kingdom Builders Community. We are very excited that they will be leading a marriage seminar at Village Seven later this spring.

Each for the Other by Bryan and Kathy Chapell. Just as you would expect from Bryan Chapell, he takes the gospel and applies it to marriage. The book is both theologically sound and very helpful.

The Marriage Builder by Larry Crabb. This is a classic that helps you dig deep and address some of the key issues in building a better marriage.

The Peasant Princess sermon series by Marc Driscoll. This is a sermon series on The Song of Solomon. Because of some of the subject matter in this series, I would give this a PG-13 rating, but that is part of what makes it helpful for married couples.

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Monica Schleicher said...

I LOVE DRISCOLL!! Cool that you like him, too. I'll look into the ones you suggest.

If you haven't read it already, may I recommend Gary Thomas' "Sacred Marriage?" Amazing stuff to see marriage from God's vantage point... infuses everything with deeper meaning and purpose.