Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is an Equipped Disciple?

Our mission at Village Seven is to make, equip and deploy disciples who live out and proclaim the gospel through word and deed in Colorado Springs, the West and the World.

To guide is in our mission, the elders developed this definition of an equipped disciple:

“Equipped disciples” are those who are prepared to engage with their Hearts, Heads and Hands in God’s mission.


  • They love God and respond to His grace through regular worship and fellowship with God through regular practices of the means of grace.

  • They love other believers as fellow heirs in Christ and express that love in service, encouragement and blessing toward other believers.

  • They love the lost and regularly express that love by reaching out to unbelievers in word and deed where they live, work and play.


  • They know and are familiar with the Scriptures and understand how all of the Scriptures testify to God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ. 

  • They know the basic truths of the Christian faith and can discern truth from error. 

  • They know a biblical view of all of life to include self, others, home, work, culture and community


  • They share their faith in Jesus Christ and seek opportunities to connect where they live, work and play. 

  • They share their various gifts with generosity. They serve inside and outside the church by sharing and exercising their spiritual gifts and talents. They share of their earthly wealth and possessions with their local church, other believers and the world in need. 

  • They share their lives with others by participating in Christian community and openly living all aspects of their lives in fellowship with other believers.

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