Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Quick Hits

  1. Congratulations to my friend and colleague, Mike Osborne, on being called as Senior Pastor to UPC. I am excited for Mike and the church. Mike and I served together at UPC and he was always a faithful colaborer and is an excellent preacher. Congratulations to UPC. As you already know, you are getting a fine man.
  2. The other night, we are having dinner and Ashley says, "Dear." I said, "What?" "Dear", she repeated. It turns out she wasn't talking to me. There was a deer in our backyard, followed by 12 of his friends. Actually, most of them were in the yard behind our house, but one hopped the fence into our yard. A little bunny and a robin were there as well. Some of you may think we live out in the country. Actually, our house is pretty close to the center of town, but it is right by the amazing Palmer Park. Two weeks ago, I saw a fox trotting down our street. The same day, I saw a bunch of gazelle running in a field by the airport. Welcome to the wild west.
  3. To our friends at UPC -- thanks for the gift certificate. I got in 14 days of skiing. My girls are on blues now. We thoroughly enjoyed it all season.
  4. To our Florida friends -- today, it is about 80 (but no humidity). Tomorrow, it might snow. Ahh! Springtime in the Rockies! Every place I have lived, people have said, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a while and it will change." This is the one place where that is true.
  5. It's Tax Day and I, along with thousands of other procrastinators, will be going to the Post Office this evening. While I don't get a lot of pleasure out of paying taxes, I am thankful for the freedoms I enjoy and the incredible benefits we all get to enjoy simply because, in the providence of God, we were born in America. We might complain that the government wastes money or that it spends it on things we find objectionable. However, I am pretty sure Jesus and the Apostle Paul could have said the same thing about the Roman Empire. Considering all the people who have died and continue to put themselves in harm's way so that we can enjoy this liberty, taxes are a small price to pay.


karin said...

Speaking of the weather.....it's actually hotter in Colorado than in Florida right now. Last night, I even had on the HEATER.

But we have no gazelles, so I think you are still winning.

Mark Bates said...

Well, Karin, this morning it was clear, sunny and warm. Pikes Peak was standing tall over the city. Now, at 4 PM, visibility is about nil and it is snowing, really snowing. However, at the moment it is too warm to stick. No gazelles in sight, either. However, I did see a couple of black squirrels this morning.

Mike said...

Thanks Mark! I am in your debt for the way you planted and led the church for 16 years with skill, humility, and faithfulness. Would that every pastor could follow someone with your heart and message.

Mark Bates said...

Actually, Karin, we have no gazelles, either, except in the zoo. Further proof that I am not a native. What I saw were pronghorn antelope. Gazelles live in Africa. I think I need to get an animal book from the library.