Monday, June 23, 2014

Leadership Training Part 3 - Theology 2

In previous posts, I have listed some of the resources we use in our officer training. One of the larger sections of our training deals with theology. I have already listed some of those resources. Here are some others that we have found helpful:

1. This is a helpful article on how the two natures of Christ (human and divine) relate to one another: What is the Hypostatic Union?

2. Introduction to the Reformed Faith by John Frame.

3. Are there two wills of God? by John Piper

4. Two books on the doctrine of election that are not required but recommended, are Chosen by God by R. C. Sproul and Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J. I. Packer.

5. For those who are interested in the debate on Federal Vision and the New Perspective on Paul, please read the PCA's paper on the topic. Also, D. A. Carson has some good lectures on the New Perspective on ITunes.

6. Recommended reading, but not required, is Richard Lovelace's Dynamics of Spiritual Life. We do read some quotes from this book in class.

7. On Sanctification, there are a number of good articles, including:
a. Gospel-Driven Sanctification by Jerry Bridges
b. Union and Imitation by Michael Scott Horton
c. Good Works and the Christian Life by Kim Riddlebarger
d. Not to mention numerous books by Bryan Chapell, Jerry Bridges, Tim Keller, Walter Marshall, etc.

8. On the Lord's Supper, we use mostly my notes, but a great resource (though not easy to read) is Ronald Wallace's Calvin's Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament.

9. On Covenant Theology, The Covenant of Grace, by Calvin Knox Cummings, as well as The Kingdom of God, by Richard Pratt.

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