Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Mission of the Church - Deploy Disciples

In a previous post, I mentioned that Village Seven's mission is:

To make, equip and deploy disciples who live out and proclaim the gospel through word and deed in Colorado Springs, the West and the World.

In this statement, we define "make disciples" as leading people from unbelief to belief in the power of the Holy Spirit. We define an equipped disciple as one who is prepared to engage with his heart, head, and hands in God's mission (for more on what it means to be an Equipped Disciple, see this post).  To deploy disciples means to help people actually engage in God's mission.

In earlier posts, I outlined how we seek to make disciples and equip disciples. Here is our strategy to deploy disciples.

Colorado Springs

a)    Provide guidance for God’s people so they can find and bring Kingdom focus to their places of mission in the church and in the world.

b)   Partner with churches/organizations that are compatible with our vision.

c)    Equip people to share and live out their faith and help them identify where and how to do this in the places they live, work or play.

d)   Train people in spiritual gifts and provide guidance for where they can use their gifts both internal and external to Village Seven.

e)    Identify key civic, social and other institutions where Christians can make a vital difference.  Help match people to these places.

f)     Plant new churches in Colorado Springs.

The West

a)    Plant new churches in strategic locations in the West.

b)   Support College Ministries in Colorado and the West.

c)    Training, equipping and sending out leaders.

d)   Encourage key leaders to serve with the Western Church Planting Network (WCPN) and Presbytery.

e)    Engage the congregation in financial and prayerful support of church planting and college ministry in the West.

f)     Develop a strategic plan for church planting in the West.

The World

a)    Engage God’s people in world missions through prayer, giving, and going.

b)   Partner with missionaries and organizations that are compatible with our vision.

c)    Focus on 2-3 areas of the world for strategic partnerships.

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